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TV debut sparks a buzz of interest in West Lancashire

Designer Barry Jackson's Hivehaus take TV by storm

Barry Jackson, his daughter Syd, his wife Ed and George Clarke in front of The Hivehaus

A designer is celebrating after his ground-breaking sustainable home was featured on a hit TV show.

Barry Jackson, 51, from Dalton, had his ‘Hivehaus’ showcased on George Clarke’s amazing spaces last year and has experienced a huge surge in interest since the show.

The Hivehaus is inspired by the hexagonal structures built by honey bees and is assembled in a similar way to Lego.

The hexagonal cells can be joined together at any time by their six sides to create a ‘Hive’.

The Hivehaus

Each cell has an internal floor area of 9.3 m2 and is designed to be used as a specific work/live space.

Barry said: “I’ve been a builder for most of my life but have always had a creative mind and have always had various projects on the side.

“With the current housing crisis I was looking at other ways to meet people’s living needs and came up with the Hivehaus.

“It’s a simplistic design but it can be used for lots of different things. For example people can use one module for a garden shed or have four or five put together to create a full house.

“House prices in this country have alienated a lot of first time buyers who just can’t afford to get on the property ladder. A standard full size Hivehaus costs around £45,000, which is a huge saving.

“I think people are too concerned about their house lasting for hundreds of years, the Hivehaus is sustainable and would last a lifetime and that’s all you need really.”

Barry wrote into the Channel 4 show and was featured in October.

Since the show interest in the concept has rocketed allowing Barry to add four full-time staff to his team.

Barry said: “When the show went out our website server crashed because we were getting so many hits, it was amazing.

“We were also invited to exhibit at the Grand Designs Live show in London and the Ideal Home Show in Manchester, which was an incredible opportunity. The business really is going from strength to strength.”

Current prospective clients include a nursery in Cheshire, Leeds Metroploitan University and a technology park in Watford, illustrating the versatility of the concept.

Barry said: “The Hivehaus can be used for hundreds of different purposes. Everyone I meet comes up with a different idea.”

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