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West Lancashire residents object to huge solar farm plans at Lathom

The solar farm is expected to take four months to build and last around 25 years

The site plan for the solar farm at land adjacent to Tawdside Farm, Lathom, West Lancashire

Plans for a large solar farm have been submitted to West Lancashire Borough Council by Green Switch Developments, based in Burscough.

The 38.75 hectare farm will be located on land next to Tawdside Farm in Lathom.

The proposal includes the construction of solar panels and associated works including fencing and security cameras.

If successful in being granted planning permission, the park is expected to produce 16 megawatts of renewable electricity and have a lifespan of 25 years.

The freestanding solar panels will be constructed from toughened glass, set in an aluminium frame.

It’s estimated that the park would take four months to construct.

But several residents and organisations have already submitted their objections to the plans.

Dalton Parish Council said: “We object to this proposal which is totally inappropriate for, and detrimental to the green belt. Solar panels should not be placed over acres and acres of green fields.”

J.Waine submitted an objection stating: “Although I appreciate the need for alternative energy sources to be found, I am concerned about the use of so much green belt.

“Surely solar panels could be added to existing industrial estates, lessening the detrimental effects on wildlife, local residents and those seeking leisure pursuits in Hoscar.”

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