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Author with a bewitching effect returns to former school

Mike Ormsby tells young readers about his tales of child sorcery

Author Mike Ormsby visited his former school in Maghull to speak to the children about his work
Author Mike Ormsby visited his former school in Maghull to speak to the children about his work

An author has returned to West Lancashire to talk to schoolchildren about his series of books.

Mike Ormsby, 55, now lives in Baku in Azerbaijan but has returned home to Maghull this month to visit his former primary school, St George’s, as well as several other schools.

The former BBC journalist has written a plethora of books, including Child Witch Kinshasa and Child Witch London which are novels about child sorcery in Congo and England.

Mike is also planning to talk to the pupils about his children’s book Spinner The Winner,  which is about a wind turbine that saves the day during a storm.

Mike said: “I’m really glad to be back, it’s always good to come home and see all the places you recognise from growing up.

“It’s been particularly special to return to both my old schools and catch up with some of my old teachers there.  

“The schoolchildren at St George’s seemed to really enjoy the Spinner reading and presentation. I think it’s important to get children engaged with renewable energy and hope my book goes some way to achieving that.

“I also got to go back to my old high school Maricourt which was great, I spoke to sixth formers there about my Child Witch books which have been really well received.

“I first came across sorcery when I was in the Congo doing some journalism training and was appalled by what I saw, so decided to write a novel exploring the issue. It’s something I feel very strongly about and I’ve done presentations about it many times before.

“Lots of people in Congo and countries surrounding it have very hard lives and when bad things happen they want answers, this is where these witchdoctors come in.

“People believe that if they pay them a fee they can get rid of the bewitched child who is the supposed cause of the problem. I’ve seen children really badly burned because of exorcisms and they were definitely an influence on my books.

“Hopefully the students will be able to do a project off the back of my visit because I think it’s something that people should become more aware of.”

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