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105 year old Mims is star of Parbold Festival

Villages' oldest resident cuts thr ribbon to open last weekend's show

Euphemia Dorothy Winifried Goodger, also known as Mims, opening the festival

Parbold’s oldest resident was given the privilege of opening the village’s annual festival.

Euphemia Dorothy Winifried Goodger, also known as Mims, turned 105 just a few weeks ago and had the honour of receiving her second card from the Queen.

Mims enjoyed being treated like royalty herself, as she cut the ribbon to the show and was given pride of place with her own tent where people could go and meet and chat with the centenarian last Saturday, July 12.

Jeremy Clegg, Mims’ grandson, said: “She had a wonderful time.

“She loved all the attention because a lot of people in the village know her and many where coming up to sat hello and have a chat with her. And my daughter, Rebecca and my wife Moya came along too.”

Mims, who was born in India, has five grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren.

The eccentric gran enjoys keeping herself active and enjoyed a quiet birthday with close family earlier in June.

Jeremy said: “She has always been very independent and stays very active.

“She loves line dancing and it is only recently that she has had to stop joining in but she still goes along and watches.”

Mims cames to England in 1946 as tensions in India began to rise and after a short spell in Darlington Mims, her late husband John Goodger and their three children moved to Parbold and have been a permanent fixture ever since.

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