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Best friends beat the odds to have babies one day apart

Burscough pals share their first baby joy together

Catherine Spruce and Alex Blundell with babies Stanley and Dixie

Best friends Catherine and Alex seemed destined to be close from birth, after they were born one day apart in 1982.

Now the pair are hoping the same is true for their firstborns after they beat the odds to give birth to their first babies a day apart as well.

Catherine Spruce and Alex Blundell were born on 23 July and 24 July, 1982, and their babies Stanley and Dixie were born on March 1 and March 2, both at Ormskirk Hospital.

The new mums, who both live in Burscough, became friends 12 years ago when Catherine met Alex's cousin Paul.

Paul is now Catherine's husband, which makes Stanley and Dixie second cousins.

Catherine recently moved to Burscough from Newcastle and the pair spent the last few weeks of their pregnancies taking walks, having coffees, supporting each other and getting excited about the imminent births.

They even attended the same pregnancy yoga antenatal classes in Ormskirk after Alex recommended them to Catherine.

Catherine said: "It was so lovely being able to support each other during pregnancy. Having known each other for so long, it was great being pregnant together.

“We were texting each other constantly.

“Alex went into labour first but even then I had no idea that my baby would come so soon after."

Alex, who lives with husband Padraig just a few hundred metres from Catherine and Paul, said: "We shared a lot in those last weeks as it can be quite nerve-wracking getting ready to give birth but I'd been attending Daisy Birthing classes in Ormskirk every week since I was 16wks pregnant and I'd found them so helpful for relaxation and helping me feel confident that I recommended them to Catherine as well.

“I know we both felt the techniques we learned really helped us during birth.

"We joked during pregnancy that having been born a day apart we would have our babies a day apart, but our due dates were a week apart so we really didn't think it would happen.

"It was really special to have our babies a day apart - we were on the postnatal ward at Ormskirk together and our families came and we had a little party."

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