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Council move to tackle Ormskirk night-time nuisance

£10,000 set aside for new initiatives

Ormskirk town centre

Plans to tackle night time anti-social behaviour in Ormskirk are to be discussed by councillors next week.

West Lancashire Borough Council had previously discussed the possibility of an early morning restriction order, which would have meant that licensed premises would have had to close by 12am during the week.

This option was turned down in February and now councillors are looking into other measures to tackle the problem.

£10,000 has been allocated by the council to help some of the ideas become reality.

One option is to review the licensing fees and introduce higher rates for those premises that are open latest.

A voluntary reduction in opening hours for certain bars and pubs has also been put forward, however the report states that this is unlikely to occur.

Introducing taxi marshals at the ranks in Ormskirk town centre four nights a week is also an option that could attract funding.

The report also places emphasis on working with Edge Hill to tackle the night time issues by introducing measures such as security officers and a night time bus for students.

Gareth Dowling, the university’s Students’ Union president, said: “Edge Hill Students’ Union supports and engages in all discussion with our  various partners on any work which can help to reduce night time anti-social behaviour.

“Whilst not recommended at this time, as a member of the National Union of Students, we are already an active member in the Best Bar None scheme, and take guidance and best practice examples in areas such as security and prevention of public nuisance.”

Ormskirk Community Partnership have also  studied the night time licensing options document to be put to councillors on April 1.

Chairman Ian Yates said: “We would support any measures which will help to combat excessive night time and early hours, drink-related anti social behaviour, which blights many parts of the town centre and adjacent areas and which is a particular problem in term time.

“Specifically we would support an independent night time economy study which would give an overview of all issues and also we would support active participation from Edge Hill University in developing a number of issues outlined,  which have  worked in other areas of the country.”

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