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Crohn's sufferer has dream come true after England game

Robert Wilson from Tarleton travelled to Brazil to watch the Costa Rica  

Robert Wilson from Tarleton

A teenager has had his dream come true after watching England play a World Cup Game.

15-year-old Robert Wilson from Tarleton had his wish granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, the UK’s leading wish-granting charity for children and young people with serious and terminal illnesses.

Robert suffers from severe Crohn’s Disease, which is a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. He has had the illness since the age of five and has had no respite from it since.

As a result of the disease, Robert had to have his large bowel removed a few years ago and, although he recently had it reconnected, he still suffers from symptoms of the illness on a daily basis.

A huge sports fan, Robert particularly loves football and cricket and finds it very hard when his illness prevents him from playing.

He really enjoys watching England play on the television and it has been a dream of his to watch them play live.

Robert was referred to Starlight for a wish by a family friend and the charity said they would be delighted to grant it.

Robert said: “From an early age I have loved and played football.

“I am a goalkeeper for my team Tarleton Corinthians but unfortunately due to illness I miss a lot of games.

“The England team are my heroes and I always enjoy watching them on television.

“My biggest wish was to watch them at the World Cup in Brazil.”

Starlight was able to arrange for Robert, his parents Janet and Andrew and his brother Thomas, 18, to travel to Belo Horizonte to watch England play their 0-0 draw against Costa Rica on Tuesday.

Ahead of the game Janet said: “We’re staying out in Brazil for a week and we just can’t wait to get over there and experience everything. Robert has been through a lot and I know he is really looking forward to it; we’re so grateful to Starlight for this opportunity.”

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