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Families see the benefit of Lancashire County Council help

Lancashire has the third highest number of families needing support in the North West.

Eric Pickles

The County Council has identified thousands of troubled families across Lancashire in need of help.

Lancashire has the third highest number of families needing support throughout the North West.

There were 3,327 families in in the county who were identified in March and 1,226 families that had been ‘turned around’ by the same time.

TF funding is part of the Lancashire County Council’s Working Together With Families programme.

And it is thought that each troubled family can cost the taxpayer up to £75,000 a year if they are not helped.

Ann Pennell, Lancashire County Council’s director with responsibility for work with families, said: “The benefits of  working with the whole family are far-reaching, both for the people who are worked with directly, and for their other family members, neighbours and the local community.

“The results so far in Lancashire are an outstanding achievement by the county council and our partners which include district councils, the police, health, schools and voluntary organisations, and I’d like to congratulate them on their great work.

“I’d also like to thank the families that we have worked with to achieve such positive results.”

Across England, 39,480 families have now been ‘turned around’ since the programme began.

A family who has been turned around is one who fulfils one or more of the following:

Children who were truanting or excluded have now been back in school for three consecutive terms

Youth crime and antisocial behaviour across the household have been significantly reduced or;

An adult in the household has been employed for at least three consecutive months.

Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said: “The Troubled Families programme is good for the economy as it reduces the £9 billion annual cost to the taxpayer and helps people back into work.

“It also improves life for communities which see less crime and anti-social behaviour and, most importantly, supports families who get a chance to have a brighter future.

“Progress is being made in all corners of the country and I’m proud that this Government is taking action to help change the lives of the families most in need.”

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