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Investigators attempt to identify man in connection with cocaine haul

Unidentified man was spotted unloading a lorry in Liverpool containing the sacks

The man investigators are trying to identify

National Crime Agency investigators are appealing for help to identify a man wanted in connection with a £12million cocaine haul.

Two separate importations totaling over 47 kilos have been uncovered as part of the two-year joint investigation with West Yorkshire Police.

Following the discovery in Rotterdam of approximately 45 kilos of cocaine in sacks of paprika in August 2012, investigators watched as ‘dummy’ sacks were delivered via Tilbury Docks to a yard at the Liverpool Docks.

The unidentified man, who the NCA believe could be from Merseyside, Greater Manchester or Lancashire, was spotted unloading a lorry containing the sacks.

The man investigators are trying to identify

Six other men from Bolton, Liverpool and Manchester were arrested and charged yesterday with conspiracy to import cocaine. Four of the men were also charged with a conspiracy relating to a seizure in April 2013 when two kilos of cocaine in boxes of milk powder were sent to a virtual office in Bradford.

Greg Mckenna, NCA Branch Commander, said: “Joint working with West Yorkshire Police has prevented a huge amount of cocaine reaching the streets and causing terrible damage to our communities.

“Now we need the help of the public to identify and locate the man at Liverpool Docks. There will be people who may know who he is and I am asking those people to come forward and provide us with as much information as possible.”

Anyone with information can contact the NCA on 0370 496 7622 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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