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Lifeboat crew come to the rescue of Hesketh Bank Yacht

Yacht was left high and dry in Ribble estuary

The yacht run aground on the river Ribble estuary

Yachtsmen from Hesketh Bank had to be rescued by the Lytham St Annes lifeboat crew after their boat ran aground over the weekend.

The two men set out on Sunday and planned to sail from Hesketh Bank to Piel Island.

However steadily increasing wind forced the pair to return to the river Ribble for shelter.

The choppy sea resulted in the boats engine misfiring as spray covered it and the yacht ran aground at the mouth of the estuary, leaving it high and dry.

At 8.22pm Liverpool Coastguard asked the Lytham St Annes RNLI Lifeboat to help the yacht as she refloated and to pull her off the bank and tow her up to a safe mooring at Lytham.

After checking the yachtsmen were safe and well the Lifeboat crew waited for the water to approach the stricken vessel.

As the tide came around the yacht, she began to roll violently, at times up to 45º as the waves hit her while one of her keels was still caught on the sea bed. After great difficulty the yacht was pulled off the bank into deeper and calmer water.

The two yachtsmen planned to stay on board before sailing for Skippool Creek the following high tide if conditions had improved.

Coxswain Tom Stuart said: “It was a close run thing for a time but with good team work we managed to get the yacht afloat and to safety.”

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