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Midwife set to host bake for bumps sale

Heidi Ribchester is raising money for SPARKS charity

Heidi Ribchester and daughter Chloe

A MIDWIFE is hosting a bake sale to raise funds for a children’s health charity.

Heidi Ribchester, a midwife at Ormskirk Hospital, developed early onset pre-eclampsia during pregnancy – a life-threatening condition known to cause birth complications.

At just 28 weeks pregnant, the 38-year-old from Southport gave birth to her daughter Chloe– who was lucky to survive, weighing just 1lb 8.5oz.

Heidi said: “I know that I am very lucky in the fact that my daughter was born so early and survived, and is a lively five-year-old now. 

“I know from both personal and professional experience that this is not always the case.”

Heidi got involved with SPARKS, a charity that helps to fund research into pregnancy, neonatal and childhood diseases such as cystic fibrosis and pre-eclampsia, after the birth of her daughter.

Over the past five years Heidi has raised hundreds of pounds for Sparks and hopes to boost that figure by hosting another bake sale.

The fundraising event in aid of the charity will take place on May 20 at Ormskirk Hospital from 12pm-4pm.

The event will include a bake sale, a raffle, with prizes donated from local business, and a stall selling hand knitted baby garments.

Heidi said: “Until Chloe was born, I had never come across Sparks which is why I feel it is important to promote the charity and the work it does.

“I feel that people should come and support the event as it is such an important charity that does a lot to help with conditions that can severely affect so many families. 

“If the charity can help fund research to help find answers or cures for some of the conditions that impact so many lives, then that can only be a good thing.”

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