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Millie Heaton continues her cancer battle

Skelmersdale toddler is waiting for bone marrow biopsy result

Millie Heaton

Millie Heaton is continuing her battle against her childhood cancer neuroblastoma, despite being forced to come off her Cancer Research trial.

The two-year-old from Skelmersdale and her family were told she would be coming off the trial at Manchester Children’s Hospital on Monday after her blood cell counts had dropped, despite her not having chemotherapy for a few weeks.

Millie’s consultant sent her for a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday to check if there was any disease present, which could explain her counts dropping.

At the time of going to press the results of Millie’s biopsy were still unknown. If the results are clear then Millie will begin chemotherapy again at Alder Hey. If they are not the family will be forced to look at other options.

Lyndsay Heaton, Millie’s mum  said: “It’s been a very emotional few days since we were told Millie was coming off the trial. The doctors told me that if a child doesn't clear her bone marrow in the 80-day rapid coject that Millie had when first diagnosed then the outlook isn't good.

“If a child relapses after clearing their body the outlook is even worse. Millie didn't do either, children don't tend to survive more than 10-20 years after diagnosis. The chemo usually works, then they relapse again.

“But coming out of the trial may be a blessing in disguise, there's still options out there even if some aren't in the UK.

“When Millie was diagnosed we didn't even think she would be here within 12 months and she has fought and won so far.

“Just because this journey’s taking longer than expected doesn't mean it can't be won.”

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