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Missing 8ft Skelmersdale Boa Constrictor causes social media storm

Story was picked up by national media as people posted on twitter and facebook

An 8ft Boa Constrictor, similar to this one, is on the loose in Skelmersdale

Skelmersdale was thrown into panic last week as news of a missing 8ft boa constrictor spread through the town.

The Advertiser was one of the first news outlets to break the story, which was picked up by the national press and broadcasters such as Sky and the BBC.

The snake was announced missing by police on Wednesday morning, leading to a social media storm.

The 8ft snake, believed to be a boa constrictor, was reported missing at shortly before 9.30pm on Tuesday from a house on Bearncroft in the town.

Boa constrictors are not venomous and are not usually aggressive but the snake could pose a risk to small children or pets by wrapping itself around them to seek warmth.

Inspector Mark Porter, of Skelmersdale Police, said at the time: “While we do not believe the snake is aggressive or would attack anybody there is the potential for risk to small children or pets from the animal seeking warmth. I would urge anyone who sees the snake to get in touch so that it can be recovered safely.”

The story was widely spread on social media such as Twitter and Facebook by residents of the town and further afield, who were all out looking for the creature.

Mark Lucas from Skelmersdale posted this on twitter when he heard about the missing snake


Chloe Archer, said on twitter: “Apparently there is a boa constrictor on the loose in Skelmersdale. Does anyone know if he has a Twitter account yet?”

While Matt Shaw tweeted: “I deliver in Skelmersdale and haven’t seen any snakes today but will keep my eyes peeled. Lot of places in Skem it could hide.”

Gary Serjeant was more than happy to avoid the snake, however, as he tweeted: “8ft long snake has gone missing in Skelmersdale. I am now going to stay indoors as I don’t want to be eaten.”

Andrew Johnson had the same feelings as Gary towards the snake and said: “I am so done. I’m locking myself into my panic room and crying. Hate snakes so much.”

West Lancashire College staff even joined the hunt as they posted: “We’re hearing about a snake being on the loose in the local area... If it turns up on campus we’ll let you know! #Skelmersdale #TheSkemSnake”

After a hectic day’s searching, the town was relieved when officers announced at around 8.30pm last Wednesday night that the snake had been recovered safe and well in the owner’s home.

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