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Ormskirk cancer survivor takes on Race for Life

Fundraising bid will help others beat disease

A cancer survivor is planning to run the Race for Life to celebrate 10 years since beating the illness.

Angela Martinelli, 59, was diagnosed with breast cancer following a breast reduction operation aimed at halting years of back pain in 2004.

The Ormskirk grandmother, who has been married to husband Mike for 33 years, went in for the operation, only to be told a week later by doctors that they had found cancerous cells in the tissue they had removed.

Angela said: “It was a miracle really that they found the cancer. I’d been putting the operation off for years, I’d even had a pre-op mammogram.

“Before that the cancer hadn’t shown up, so the fact that they found it saved my life.

“I feel like I’m a very lucky woman. If I hadn’t had the breast reduction I wouldn’t have known.”

She added: “When people found out about the cancer everyone said ‘poor you’, but I thought no, this is a miracle.”

After her diagnosis surgeons performed a lumpectomy and Angela had to have radiotherapy every day for four weeks.

Now Angela wants to give something back, as a way of thanking all the doctors and nurses that helped her through her cancer battle.

She will be taking part in the 5K Race for Life this weekend at Southport’s Victoria Park with daughters Annette and Gina and her two grandchildren, Hannah, three, and Sophie, seven months.

Angela said: “I’ve never done anything like this before and thought it would be a real challenge. My family have been so supportive and I’m so glad they’ll be there to help me through the day.

“We’ve managed to raise over £300 so far, which is brilliant because I didn’t really have a target in mind.

“My life was really good before cancer, but it definitely made me appreciate each day more and strive to live life to the full. 

“I hope doing the race will set a good example to my eight grandchildren and perhaps inspire them to become fundraisers of the future.

“The day will also be special to me as I will be thinking of my lovely dad, Arnie, who sadly lost his cancer fight in 2000. I may not be running a marathon, but he would be so proud of me.”

To donate to Angela’s efforts, go to

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