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Ormskirk cat owners distraught after animals poisoned

Five cats have all passed away after displaying similar symptoms

From left to Right Diane Gibson, Diane's grandaughter Ellie jo, Victoria Norris, and her daughters Niamh and Enya

Cat owners in Ormskirk have been left heartbroken after their animals died after being poisoned.

The cats all suffered similar symptoms including having a blue/green fluid coming from their eyes and mouth and blisters inside their mouths.

One of the cats, Buddy, was taken to Rufford’s vets after displaying the symptoms.

Sadly Buddy died shortly after, like all the other cats had. After the vet had examined him she concluded she was 99% sure he had died because of anti-freeze poisoning, which is consistent with the symptoms displayed.

The three cat owners who have been affected all live in the Lea Crescent area of Ormskirk, where the cats would often play together.

Nikki Green, 29, is one of the owners, her cat Simba died in April, she said: “It’s been really hard for us as a family, the kids have been really upset by what’s happened.

“It’s really worrying that it’s now happened to other cats in exactly the same area.

“There’s a derelict house by me and the cats all used to be together there, so we don’t know if there’s something in that garden that’s been setting them off.

“Simba was a very healthy cat then he came back from that garden one day and he had green goo coming from his eyes and seemed drowsy, then shortly after he died.

“I’ve got two other cats Narla and Simbi, who is Simba’s son and I’m terrified to let them out of my sight now, if they go out in the garden I stand there and watch them to make sure they don’t go into the derelict garden.

“I know some people don’t like cats but to do something like this is awful, something needs to be done.”

The owners have contacted the police but since there is no concrete proof the cats have been deliberately poisoned officers are unable to take any action, until more evidence can be found.

Victoria Norris, 39, has also lost her cat Holly, in the past month, she said: “After Nikki lost her cat we were all being extra careful, Holly had just had kittens with Simba and I was helping with them.

“One day my daughter Niamh came running in from the garden crying saying that Holly was dead.

“I went outside and there Holly was with the ulcers round her mouth and the blue/green fluid around her eyes and face.

“I’ve now had to hand rear her kittens and my little girls have taken it very badly.

“I’m hoping someone is not doing this deliberately but I don’t know why people would be using anti-freeze in the summer, its very suspicious.

“There’s also lots of small children that play out around here and we’re frightened they might come into contact with the poison too.”

Diane Gibson, 52, has lost three cats over the past three months, with all of them displaying the same symptoms, she said: “I just lost Buddy last week, but I lost Bobby in June and Sooty in May.

“It’s been a terrible few months and it’s hit us very hard.

“I don’t believe in keeping cats locked inside the house, they should be free to roam, but I can’t believe this happened.

“I have four other cats and I’m just so worried the same thing is going to happen to them.

“We have our suspicions about who might be causing it but there’s no way to prove it, we just want other owners to be aware of what’s going on and to try and protect their cats from it.”

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