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Man who was turned away from A&E needed immediate surgery

Bryan Morely was left for hours without pain relief before being turned away from Southport and Formby District Hospital

Bryan Morely was turned away fro Southport A&E despite having a serious infection in his replacement knee.

A hospital has apologised after a Burscough man was turned away from A&E and left waiting in agony with no pain relief for a serious infection.

Bryan Morley, 47, had undergone a knee replacement operation at Wrightington Hospital in May.

But when his knee later became swollen and severely painful, he went to West Lancashire Health Centre and was quickly advised to go to Southport A&E at Southport and Formby District Hospital.

Bryan said: “I needed to be X-rayed and looked at by a orthopedic specialist.

“My wife, Pat, drove me straight there and we waited to see a nurse for more than two hours. I was in agony.

“When I did see a nurse, she told me that she could not treat me because I had had my operation at Wrightington Hospital and that I would have to go to Wigan Hospital.

“I couldn't believe it, I have always thought that you could be treated at any NHS hospital. I wasn’t even offered pain killers.”

Bryan Morely was turned away fro Southport A&E despite having a serious infection in his replacement knee.

Pat had to drive more than 20 miles to get to the Wigan A&E, a place they had never been, and had to ask for directions while Bryan’s knee pain worsened.

When they arrived at the hospital, it was quickly noted that the dad-of-four needed immediate attention; he was given pain relief and admitted to a ward.

The next day, Bryan had a six- hour operation to remove the infected tissue and fluids.

He is now on six tablets a day and may need to have the knee taken out and replaced again.

Bryan, who has been unable to do his job as a builder because of his knee problems, said that he was disgusted with the way he was treated.

He said: “I was very depressed to be in a hospital so far away from my home, it was all just so upsetting for me. The people and staff at Wigan Hospital and Wrightington, where I was transferred to after a week, were really wonderful.

“But I have written a letter about my experience and will be sending it to the hospital. I needed help there and then and they did not do their job.”

Angela Kelly, deputy director of nursing at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, admitted that it was policy to turn patients away for treatment if they had their operation elsewhere

She said: “It is usual practice for trusts to advise patients to return to the hospital that performed an operation when a patient has cause for concern.

“However, it appears that standard practices, such as providing pain relief, were not followed in this instance and for which I apologise.

“I would like to investigate what happened in more depth and it would be helpful if Mr Morley contacted me so we can learn in detail from his experience.”

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