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Police warn Ormskirk shoppers to be vigilant after several purse thefts on market days

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a number of crimes reported in Ormskirk town centre

Lancashire Police

Police are warning shoppers in Ormskirk town centre to be on the lookout, following several recent thefts.

In Ormskirk town centre around the area of the market, there have been several purse snatches from the bags of local shoppers.

Police are urging people to keep their purses zipped away securely and to pay attention at all times to anyone standing near them, especially if they become uncomfortably close.

A spokesperson said: “We advise people to know where your money is at all times and remain vigilant to those around.

“Patrols will be paying extra attention to this area over the coming weeks until we locate the thief.

“If you have any information regarding this offence please let us know by phoning 101 or by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800555111.”

Police are also warning shop owners to be aware that very convincing counterfeit £20 and £50 notes are in circulation in the town.

They’re advising that shopkeepers don’t trust their indicator pens and instead test the paper quality and check the foil line is continuous through the note.

There have also been several thefts from cars in the Scott and Knowsley areas of Ormskirk this week, where the owner has left their car insecure.

The thief has then been able to open the car door and remove all the valuables that are on display. Please make it difficult for thieves. Keep your car locked, say police.

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