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Pupils upset as school team miss out on Anfield cup final

St Anne's Catholic Primary School withdrew team because of exam clash

St Anne's Catholic Primary School team

Pupils missed out on a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, after St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, in Ormskirk, withdrew their girls football team from a cup final at Anfield.

The decision to withdraw the team from the Jack Cross LFC cup on May 12  was made by the school’s headteacher because the event was taking place during the same week as Year Six SATs – even though the game was at 6pm, out of school hours.

Headteacher Joe White, who made the decision to take the team out of the competition, explained his decision on the school’s message board.

He said: “A child coming in to school at 9 o’clock in the morning who is due to play in one of the most exciting experiences of their lives at Anfield later that day will not be fully concentrating on their work.

“In short – the children will under-perform across two fundamentally important days in their lives – and this will impact on their life chances further down the line.

“I apologise unreservedly to the parents and children who will not get to play at Anfield. But, if I had to make the decision again every day next week – I would make the same decision.”

One parent was left unhappy, and labelled the decision “unfair and unjust”. He said: “The decision was taken without any consultation with the parents of the girls.

“I feel personally that it is unfair on all the girls who have worked so hard to achieve this outstanding opportunity.

“All the other schools through to the final were in the same boat with regards to SATs but none of them were withdrawn.

“I think this decision will make St Anne’s look absolutely ridiculous.”

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