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Re-read: Vote 2014 - Merseyside and Cheshire local election results

Our reporters have been at Liverpool, Halton, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, West Lancs, St Helens and Warrington council counts, bringing you results as they happened throughout the day

Polling Station in Merseyside
Polling Station in Merseyside

Join us from 10am as our reporters bring you the news, atmosphere and results from local election counts at Liverpool Council, Wirral council, Sefton Council, Knowsley Council, Halton Council, West Lancs council, St Helens Council and Warrington Council


Good morning and welcome to our local election live blog.

We've got ECHO reporters at local election counts at Liverpool council, Wirral council, Sefton Council, Knowsley Council, Halton Council, West Lancs council, St Helens Council and Warrington Council.

Stick with us for the latest updates from all these counts, and to find out the results as they are announced throughout the day.



Counting is now underway in Southport with lots of candidates waiting eagarly. Leader Iain Brodie Brown has told our reporter Georgina Stubbs he is confident his party will do well.


ECHO reporter Liam Murphy has confirmed the Wirral count is now underway at Bidston tennis centre.



Elsewhere, we're hearing Labour has made gains in Hastings, Carlisle, Stevenage, Cannock Chase, Lincoln and Ipswich.


Here are the Wirral election turnouts: Birkenhead 35.4%, Oxton 37.6%, Rock Ferry 26.5%, Claughton 32.2%, Prenton 34.2%, Bidston 26.6%, Bebington 37.35%, Bromborough 30.47%, Clatterbridge 40.47%, Eastham 36.39%, Heswall 39.73%, New Brighton 36%, Wallasey 38.7%, Moreton West 38%, Leasowe 38%, Liscard 31.2%, Seacombe 26.6%, Upton 32.9%, Hoylake 39.5%, Pensby 39%, Greasby 43%, West Kirby 42.1%




ECHO reporter John McDougall is at the Halton count, where 17 wards were up for election but Appleton, Hale and Broadheath have already been decided due to uncontested elections. Only the existing Labour candidates stood.



Halton election turnouts: Birchfield = 28.01%, Farnworth = 27.25%, Halton View = 30.22%, Kingsway = 23.95%, Ditton = 28.95%, Hough Green = 29.89%, Mersey = 27.55%, Heath = 36.74%, Halton Brook = 29.98%, Grange = 25.32%, Halton Castle = 31.76%, Halton Lea = 29.99%, Norton North = 32.20%, Norton South = 27.72%



ECHO reporter Rebecca Koncienzcy is at the West Lancs count, where Ukip is fielding 11 out of the 18 wards.


John McDougall at the Halton count: "The Lib Dems have already lost a seat due to Cllr Miriam Hodge not standing in Kingsway - the seat is being contested by Labour and UKIP."


Liverpool ECHO City Editor Marc Waddington is at the Liverpool count. He said: "Greenbank definitely not looking good for Labour. But they look like runaway winners in most wards, as you'd expect.

"I'm told Church, the Lib Dems' stronghold in South Liverpool, is looking "tough" for them. Labour desperate to get a foot in the door there."



West Lancashire Council's managing director Gill Rowe has announced that verification of the postal votes have already been confirmed.

They anticipate the verification of all votes to be complete by lunchtime with results throughout the afternoon.


City Editor Marc Waddington has just filed this report:

There is potential for several surprise results here in Liverpool as the counting gathers pace.

The Liberal Democrats appear to be struggling in their stronghold Church ward, where Labour are desperate to get a foot in the door.

But Labour is not doing as well as they would hope in the Greenbank ward, which could swap hands from the Lib Dems to the Greens. 

The Greens will no doubt have been helped by a favourable turn out in the European elections part of the poll, with voters likely to vote the same in both ballots.

As such, they look favourites to take the third seat in the St Michaels ward, where they currently hold two seats.

Independent Sharon Green will have struggled to mount a successful campaign for lack of resources, but then Labour will be disappointed if all their efforts there come to nothing.

But Labour will no doubt leave today's count positive, as they are highly likely to storm home in most of their rock solid seats in the north of the city.

What will be particularly interesting is whether or not they can muster the same support as they achieved in 2010 when they seized power from the Lib Dems.

Many of the Labour candidates up for election today, such as cabinet members Nick Small and Roz Gladden, were last up that year.




ECHO reporter Liam Murphy is at the Wirral count. He said: "Looking very close in Oxton where Labour are hoping to take a seat from the Lib Dems. Also talk that Seacombe, a Labour stronghold, is likely to be declared soon(ish)."

10:52 am

Gerogina Stubbs is at the Sefton count in Southport. She said: "UKIP success nationally is on everyone's lips here. Initial vote bundles suggest they are coming in second in a few wards."





Result in from Sefton: Sue McGuire is re-elected in the Cambridge ward. One for the Lib Dems - she won with 1477 votes. Second in Cambridge ward was UKIP with 940 and third con with 762.


Result from Wirral:




Result in from Sefton:

Liberal Democrat's win Norwood with Daniel Lewis elected with 1085 votes. UKIP came second with 739 votes and Labour third with 604.




Result -Wirral:


Result - Sefton:

Meols Ward goes to the Liberal Democrats with Jo Barton getting 1177 votes. Second was UKIP with 976 and third Conservatives with 630.



More from City Editor Marc Waddington, who is at the Liverpool count:



Result - Sefton:


ECHO reporter Lorna Hughes is at the St Helens count. She said: "Apparently the delay in St Helens is down to European votes being verified first - but local election counting has started for Bold ward."


Results - Wirral:


ECHO reporter John McDougall at the Halton count: "One ward to watch could be Halton Brook where Labour Cllr John Stockton is up against UKIP candidate Kevin Horne."


Result - Sefton:

Liberal Democrat Fred Weavers has been re-elected in Kew Ward with 1094 votes, closely followed in second by UKIP with 905, and Labour third with 600 votes.


For those wondering what's happening in Knowsley, verification of the European votes is still underway. Once that's finished, the counting of the local election votes will begin.


Result - Sefton:


Result - Wirral:

As expected, Tory leader Jeff Green has easily held West Kirby.


Nice snap from ECHO photographer Andy Teebay:



Result - Wirral:

Stuart Whittingham holds Upton for Labour.


Result - Sefton:


ECHO reporter Georgina Stubbs, who is in Sefton, has said a recount has been called for in Ainsdale ward. She added: "I've heard there are just 26 votes in it."


Result - Wirral:


A recount has been ordered in Oxton, Wirral. This was expected to be closely run, with Labour hoping to win it from the Lib Dems.


ECHO reporter Rebecca Koncienzcy has been speaking to West Lancs councillor Roger Bell: "He is very optimistic about today's results and he said that there is likely to be a surprise in Burscough East and Knowsley wards."


Result - Sefton:

Council leader Peter Dowd has kept his seat in St Oswald ward with 1732 votes.


Result - Sefton:


Result - Wirral:


Result - Wirral:

As expected, Eddie Boult has held Hoylake for the Tories.


Result - Sefton:


Results - Halton:

June Roberts has gained the Kingsway ward for Labour with 886 votes ahead of UKIP candidate Brad Bradshaw with 287 votes.

Mike Fry held the Birchfield ward for Labour with 885 votes ahead of Conservative candidate Philip Harper with 593 votes.


Result - Wirral:



Result - Halton:

The final ward has just been announced with Liberal Democrat Chris Rowe holding onto the Heath seat by just 28 votes.



A report from ECHO City Editor Marc Waddington at the Liverpool count:

Liverpool Liberal Democrat leader Richard Kemp said his party looked set to do very badly at this year's elections.

A downcast Cllr Kemp told the ECHO the party had suffered heavily because of the national political situation, and that voters clearly were not concentrating on local issues.

Both Malcolm Kelly in Woolton and Lib Dem deputy leader Cllr Pat Moloney look set to lose their seats. 

Cllr Kemp said while the Greens could potentially become the official opposition with four seats, that was "in name only".

He said: "They are very erratic in the chamber and won't be effective. Even if we only had one seat it's sensible opposition that counts."



The only change in the 14 seats contested in Halton came in Kingsway where Labour gained a seat from the Liberal Democrats.

The new composition of Halton Council is 51 Labour councillors, 3 Liberal Democrats and two Conservatives.


Result - Wirral:

Labour hold Bidston.


Results - Wirral:

Pensby Thingwall ward, formerly held by Lib Dem then independent Mark Johnston, won by Labour.

Lib Dems hold Oxton despite strong Labour campaign.



Result - Wirral:

Labour hold Bebington but there was a strong showing for Ukip in third place.



Result - Wirral:

Conservatives have taken both seats in Greasby Frankby Irby ward.



All results now in for Sefton:

Ainsdale went to Haydn Preece, Liberal Democrats with 1187 votes.

Birkdale ward went to Liberal Democrat Ian Brodie Brown with 1484 votes.

Blundellsands went to Labour's Andy Dams with 1625 votes.

Cambridge went to Liberal Democrat Sue McGuire with 1477 votes.

Church ward went to Labour's Darren Veidman with 1690 votes.

Derby ward went to Labour's Mike O'Brien with 1575 votes.

Dukes ward went to Conservative David Barton with 1117 votes.

Ford ward went to Ian Moncur with 1716 votes.

Harrington ward went to Conservative Denise Dutton with 1652 votes.

Kew ward went to Liberal Democrat Fred Weavers with 1094 votes.

Linacre ward went to Labour's Gordon Friel with 1410 votes.

Lutherans ward went to Labour's John Kelly with 1713 votes.

Manor ward went to Labour's Steve McGinnity with 1500 votes.

Meols ward went to Liberal Democrat Jo Barton with 1177.

Molyneux Ward went to Labour's Anthony Carr with 1456 votes.

Netherton and Orrell went to Labour's Ian Maher with 1620 votes.

Norwood ward went to Liberal Democrat Daniel Lewis with 1085 votes.

Park Ward went to Labour's June Burns with 1509 votes.

Ravenmeols went to Maria Bennett of FRAGOFF with 1649 votes.

St Oswald Ward went to Labour's Sefton Council leader Peter Dowd with 1732 votes.

Sidelines ward went to Labour's Rob Owens with 1551 votes.

Victoria Ward went to Labour's Jan Grice with 1691 votes.


Result - Wirral:

Labour has easily held onto Bromborough ward.


From ECHO reporter Helen Davies at the Knowsley count:

"Just spoken to Knowsley council leader Cllr Ron Round. He told me he's confident Labour will keep all their seats today.

"He said: "I think UKIP's given everyone a scare but they don't scare me. I'm confident we'll still have 63 Labour wards after the count"."

Counters have now taken theirs seats in Knowsley.


Result - Wirral:

Labour hold Prenton ward.



The man at the top speaks:


Result - Wirral:

Clatterbridge ward held by Conservatives.


There is just Eastham left to declare at the Wirral count now, where Labour have gained 2 seats (Leasowe and Pensby) but lost one seat in Birkenhead.


Result - Wirral:

Lib Dems hold Eastham ward.



ECHO reporter John McDougall has just spoken to Halton Council Leader Rob Polhill who had the following to say on Twitter:

“I am obviously really really pleased as the results have gone really well – better than we expected."

Cllr Polhill on the UKIP presence: "Looking nationally and the rise they have had you do consider that but people in Halton have got sense."

Cllr Polhill was speaking after Labour held 15 seats and gained one in the Halton elections.

With the Kingsway ward being lost to Labour, there are now no Liberal Democrat councillors left in Widnes.


A quick recap of the Wirral results:



Unconfirmed reports from City Editor Marc Waddington, who is at the Liverpool count:


ECHO reporter Rebecca Koncienczy is at the West Lancs count. She said:

"Labour are hoping to snatch Burscough East and Knowsley from Conservatives, but rumours are that Labour's Burscough West seat is also in danger."

Conservatives and Labour have candidates in all 18 seats up for grabs, UKIP have 11, Green have five. None for the Lib Dems.


ECHO reporter Rebecca Koncienczy is at the West Lancs count. She said:

"Labour are hoping to snatch Burscough East and Knowsley from Conservatives, but rumours are that Labour's Burscough West seat is also in danger."

Conservatives and Labour have candidates in all 18 seats up for grabs, UKIP have 11, Green have five. None for the Lib Dems.


ECHO reporter John McDougall has been speaking to UKIP Runcorn chairman Philip Busow at the Halton count. His party had six candidates standing today, including himself in the Heath.

He told the ECHO: "(The results) were not wholly unexpected given the amount of time UKIP have actually had in Halton."

Mr Busow said the UKIP branch has been going in Halton for 'approximately eight months'.

He added: “But I think we made a good show and came second in most wards that we contested. I think we've done very well."


Result - Knowsley:

Labour keep Halewood North ward.



Results - Knowsley:

Labour also keep seats in St Michael's ward and Stockbridge ward.


Knowsley turnout figures are in:


Some great pictures coming through from ECHO snapper Gareth Jones, who was at the Wirral count today.

Wirral local election count and results at Wirral Tennis Centre Bidston. A jubilant Pat Cleary from the Green Party who won Birkenhead and Tranmere seat.


Some contrasting images from ECHO photographer Gareth Jones at the Wirral count:

Wirral local election count. Tears for Cath Ball, Chair of Birkenhead and Tranmere Labour Party, who was upset after her party lost their seat.

Wirral local election count. An excited Treena Ann Johnson from the Labour Party rings through the news that she has won Leasowe and Moreton East.


Results - Knowsley:

1st 4 Kirkby have missed out on a seat in Park ward. 654 votes to Labour's 776.

Another Labour win in Halewood South for Tina Harris.



Things are moving slowly at the Liverpool count:


Result - Knowsley:

Sammy Lee elected for Longview ward - Labour again.

There are two uncontested wards in Knowsley - Labour seats in Halewood West and Page Moss where no other candidates stood.


Momentum is building at the West Lancs count:


ECHO reporter Lorna Hughes is at the St Helens count:


ECHO reporter Lorna Hughes is at the St Helens count:


Result - Knowsley:

Another easy win for Labour in Whiston North. 1251 to Lib Dem's 258.


Result - Knowsley:

Bit closer in Whitefield. 890 Labour to 602 1st 4 Kirkby.



Result - Knowsley:

Labour keep Prescot East ward.



Results - Knowsley:

Labour victories in Prescot West and St Bartholomew's wards. Also for Swanside ward, where Labour received 1,377 votes to UKIP's 381.


City Editor Marc Waddington at the Liverpool count:


Counting is now finally underway in Liverpool. Here are a couple of pictures ECHO photographer Andy Teebay took this morning:

Local Government Election Verification and Count at Wavertree Tennis Centre, Liverpool.

Local Goverment Election Verification and Count at Wavertree Tennis Centre, Liverpool.


Results - Knowsley:

1st 4 Kirkby put up a good fight in Cherryfield ward, but it remains Labour with 891 votes to 607.

In Shevington Labour have received 941 votes to 1st 4 Kirkby's 537.

Labour also keep Kirkby Central ward with 1021 votes to 514 for 1st 4 Kirkby.


Result - St Helens:


Results - Knowsley:

Labour win Whiston South with 1299 votes to 317 Tory votes.

Labour also hold Northwood, with 898 votes. 1st 4 Kirby received 414 and UKIP 227.


Results - St Helens:

Labour wins for Thatto Heath and West Park wards.



The ECHO's John Sutton has been speaking to Esther McVey, who says she and every politician should be concerned about the rise of UKIP as a force in British politics.

The Wirral West MP said politicians of the mainstream parties should now be asking why the electorate feel they need to vote for Nigel Farage's party, who by lunchtime today had gained nearly 100 council seats up and down the country and were the big winners in the local elections.

Employment minister McVey told the Echo: "Of course they (UKIP) are a political force, we've seen that in the polls for some time now.

"What we need to address is that you need to reach out and engage with your constituents."

When asked if there had been a fear amongst mainstream politicians to speak about issues like Europe and immigration, favourite subjects of Farage and his party, the Conservative former television presenter said: "I think that has to be the case, he's broken through there and raised the issue, but the difference is he can talk about it but he can't deal with those issues, they don't have the infrastructure or the MPs.

"So really the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have got to look at how they address those. People are concerned."

She added it was only David Cameron who could deliver a referendum on Europe.


Results - Knowsley:

Another comfortable win for Labour, this time in St Gabriel's ward.

The final ward to be announced was Roby - another Labour win.



City Editor Marc Waddington is having a long day at the Liverpool count in Wavertree.


ECHO photographer Andy Teebay is capturing every nail biting moment at the Liverpool local election count:



Andy Teebay captures the counters, looking focused in Liverpool:

Local Goverment Election Verification and Count at Wavertree Tennis Centre, Liverpool.




The European vote turnout in West Lancashire was 35.78% with a total of 31,023 votes. The results from the European elections will be announced on Sunday.


ECHO reporter Helen Davies, who has been at the Knowsley count, has just spoken to 1st 4 Kirkby candidate Matt Donnelly:

"He said he was pleased the group's percentage share of the votes had increased but was disappointed they didn't win a seat. He said the fact Labour still hold all seats in Knowlsey "is not a good step forward for democracy"."


Result - Liverpool:

Peter Mitchell wins for Labour in Croxteth.


Result - Liverpool:

Gerard Woodhouse wins County for Labour.




ECHO reporter Helen Davies at the Knowsley count:

"Council leader Cllr Ron Round just told me he's "elated" Labour have kept all seats but says he had no concerns they wouldn't.

"He said the fact most people in Knowsley have voted Labour is to him, "true democracy"."



Results - Liverpool:

Labour win Central and Anfield, with healthy majorities.


Result - Liverpool:


Result - Liverpool:

Labour keep Clubmoor.


Results - Liverpool:

More wins for Labour in Everton and Fazakerley.



Results - Liverpool:

Labour win Belle Vale and Cressington.


Result - Liverpool:

Greens beat Labour to take St Michael's.


Result - Liverpool:

The Liberal Democrat's lose Childwall to Labour.


Result - West Lancs:

Labour take Knowsley seat from Conservatives with Gareth Dowling taking 913 votes against Edward Mccarthy's 885.


Results - St Helens:

Two gains for Labour in Newton and Sutton wards, both from the Lib Dems.


One of the gains for Labour in St Helens was Sutton ward, previously held by St Helens Liberal Democrat leader Steph Topping.


Results - West Lancs:

Conservatives keep Hesketh-with-Becconsall, Mayor Iain Ashcroft received 743 votes to Labour's Sally Hodson's 358 votes.

Labour keep safe seat Skelmersdale South. David McKay was elected with 995 votes, with UKIP second with 388 votes.

Cllr David O'Toole is re-elected for the Conservatives in Aughton and Downholland with 761 votes to Labour's 557 and UKIP's 464 votes.

3:16 pm


Results - Liverpool:

Labour take Woolton from the Lib Dems and hold Mossley Hill and Wavertree wards.


Results - West Lancs:

Conservatives hold Burscough East with Ruth Melling taking 645 votes. Labour received 502 votes and UKIP 261.


Results - West Lancs:

Meanwhile in Burscough West, Labour hold with John Davis taking 794 votes to Conservative Jason Grice's 445 and UKIP Chris Mcintosh's 337.



City Editor Marc Waddington: "If Greens take Greenbank they will be official opposition."

Overall turn out is 30.7% in Liverpool local elections.


Results - West Lancs:

Scott ward declared Labour with 894 votes. Conservatives received 551, Greens 227 and Lib Dems 66.

Conservatives keep both Tarleton seats. James Kay elected with 936 votes and John Mee, 1,054 votes.









Result - Liverpool:


Full breakdown of results from ECHO reporter Lorna Hughes in St Helens:

Billinge: Labour hold. Con 433, Lib Dem 64, BNP 64, Lab 1443, UKIP 873, Green 157. Turnout 34.3%

Blackbrook: Lab hold. Lib Dem 145, Con 179, UKIP 626, Lab 1562. Turnout 30.46%

Bold: Lab hold. UKIP 497, Lab 1224, Green 139, Lib Dem 119, Con 179. Turnout 28.7%

Earlestown: Lab hold. Lib Dem 183, Lab 1559, Con 264, Green 253. Turnout 27.56%

Eccleston: Lib Dem hold. UKIP 520, Green 186, Lib Dem 1630, Con 340, Lab 762. Turnout 37.1%

Moss Bank: Lab hold. Lab 1445, Green 184, Con 234, Lib Dem 263, UKIP 680. Turnout 33.44%

Haydock: Lab hold. Lab 1542, Con 259, Green 128, Trade Unionists and Socialists 51, UKIP 592. Turnout 28.61%

Newton: Labour gain. Lab 1237, Con 322, Green 216, Lib Dem 978. Turnout 31.8%

Parr: Labour hold. UKIP 497, Lab 1444, Con 95. Turnout 23.8%

Rainford: Conservative hold. Lab 836, Green 188, Trade Unionists and Socialists 117, Con 1312. Turnout 37.5%

Rainhill: Labour hold. Green 211, Lab 1612, UKIP 560, Con 700. Turnout 34.43%

Sutton: Labour gain. Green 78, UKIP 607, Lab 1418, Lib Dem 545, Con 145. Turnout 31.6%

Town Centre: Labour hold. Con 131, UKIP 667, Green 107, BNP 87, Lab 1470. Turnout 31.3%

Windle: Labour hold. Con 501, Lab 1204, Lib Dem 109, UKIP 498, Green 239. Turnout 31.8%



City Editor Marc Waddington at the Liverpool count:

"It's all over for the Lib Dems in Liverpool. The second party of Liverpool are now the Greens."


Results - West Lancs:

Labour win Ashurt with 945 votes, but UKIP beat the Conservatives into second place with 400 votes.

Former Mayor Paul Greenhall holds Derby ward comfortably for the Conservatives with 832 votes to Labour's 585 and Green's 245.

David Whittington keeps Parbold for the Conservatives with 696 votes to Labour's 376, UKIP's 156 and Green's 64.



Reaction from Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson:





Result - West Lancs:

Conservatives take North Meols ward with 439 votes. UKIP just behind with 364 and Labour in third with 277.


Result - West Lancs:

Labour hold Tanhouse with 759 votes but UKIP push the Conservatives into take second place with 121 votes to the Tories' 74.





Results - West Lancs:

UKIP battle ground Aughton Park has stayed with the Conservatives with 478 votes to UKIP's 365 and Labour's 350.

Labour's Terence Devine holds Moorside in a landslide victory with 715 votes to the Conservatives' 75.


City Editor Marc Waddington signing off from the Liverpool count:


ECHO photographer Andy Teebay captured the reaction when the Green's won Greenbank this afternoon.

Local Election count at Wavertree Tennis Centre, Liverpool. Lawrence Brown (centre), celebrates winning Greenbank Ward for the Greens.


Result - West Lancs:


Some more pictures from ECHO photographer Andy Teebay who's been at today's Liverpool council local election count:

Local election count, at Wavertree Tennis Centre, Liverpool. Labour's Nick Small celebrates winning Central Ward.

Labour's Richard Wenstone celebrates winning Church Ward at the Liverpool local elections.

Mayor Joe Anderson listening to the results at the Liverpool council local elections.








A nice message from the leader of the Green Party:


You can now read our full report from City Editor Marc Waddington who was at the Liverpool count, where the Green Party became the official opposition after the Liberal Democrats crashed out in spectacular style. Full story here.

Local Election count at Wavertree Tennis Centre, Liverpool. Lawrence Brown (centre), celebrates winning Greenbank Ward for the Greens.


Find out what happened in the Sefton local elections, where Labour continued to gain strength in the borough. Read the full report by ECHO reporter Georgina Stubbs here.




Read ECHO reporter John McDougall's report of the local elections in Halton, where Labour gained a seat. Full story here.




That's all from me, thanks for following the 2014 local elections with us today.

Stay with the Liverpool Echo for all the full reports from today, including results, reaction and analysis.


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