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Skelmersdale community furious at 'bin scavengers' slur

Website sparks row with claim over secrets found in bin

Cllr Neil Furey

Skelmersdale residents have been left angry and insulted after an article was published suggesting that they hunt through bins for things to sell.

The controversial article entitled “Hairdressers secrets found in Ormskirk wheelie bins” appeared on the Ormskirk QLocal news site on May 2.

The article was regarding confidential information being found in an overflowing bin on Leyland Way. The last line in it read: “It's not unknown for families from Kirkby and Skem to go through the same bins late at night looking for charity shop cast-offs to take and sell at car boots.”

This statement has caused uproar amongst the Skelmersdale community who resent the implication that they are bin scavengers.

Graham West said: “As an 'old skemmer' who has many friends from Liverpool and surrounding areas I find this piece of 'gutter journalism' very offensive. How can he judge so many people as to be so stereotypical? Fuming is an understatement.”

Ian Lemaire said: “This makes our town look like a pit of thieving monkeys instead of people who really do care about what happens to  the environment and each other, Skem and Kirkby are a force and if you push us you will see how much we can push back.”

Skelmersdale North Cllr Neil Furey said: “The comments made by QLocal about people from Skelmersdale are completely outrageous.

“A number of Skelmersdale residents have contacted me about this story and are disgusted that this sort of thing can be written. To casually accuse Skelmersdale residents of raiding Ormskirk’s wheelie bins is insulting.

“I join Skelmersdale residents in calling for these comments to be removed immediately and an apology published by QLocal.”

Roger Blaxall, news editor of QLocal Ormskirk, has responded to the criticism and said he never intended to show any disrespect to the people from Skelmersdale who visit the charity bins.  

Roger said: “"I think they are very enterprising.

"It's amazing how much is thrown away by local charity shops which is of use to others.

"The people from Skem should be admired for their commercial acumen."

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