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Skelmersdale grandma stunned after ghoulish figure appears on photo

Sonia May, was trying to take a photo of the recent super moon when the spectre appeared

The ghostlike figure, captured by Sonia May, is to the right of the picture

A Skelmersdale grandma was left stunned this week as she discovered this ghoulish figure on one of her photographs.

Sonia May, 60, who lives in Old Skelmersdale, was trying to take a photo of the recent super moon– the full moon which is closest to Earth over the year, meaning the moon looks bigger and brighter than at other times of the year.

As she stood up to take the photo from the window of her flat however Sonia was stunned to see the spectre like shape appear.

Sonia said: “I was taking the photo when suddenly I saw the figure coming towards me at the camera.

“I’m not a superstitious person and have never seen anything like this before so I was just stunned.

“I was incredibly frightened and just didn’t know what to do, then just as soon as it appeared it disappeared again.

“When I looked at the picture again I couldn’t believe how freaky it looked.

“I really struggled to get to sleep on Monday night after I had seen it.

“I showed it to my daughter the next morning and she agreed that it was terrifying.

“I was just wondering if someone knew what it might be, it’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever come across.”

 Have you seen something similar to the ghoulish figure floating around Skelmersdale, call Sophie on 01704 398269.

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