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Skelmersdale police reassure people after crimewave

Geographic Inspector for West Lancashire, Christina Shorrock speaks out

Geographic Inspector for West Lancashire, Christina Shorrock

A police chief has seeked to reassure Skelmersdale townspeople following weeks of increased police activity.

In the past few weeks there has been a shooting, a stabbing and several drug busts around the Skelmersdale area.

On Friday alone officers discovered 90 cannabis plants at an address on Elswick, after smelling the drug while out on patrol in Tanhouse.  

In an effort to allay residents’ fears Geographic Inspector for West Lancashire, Christina Shorrock, has spoken out on the force’s Facebook page about the police’s plan to tackle crime.

Insp Shorrock said: “For those of you who are clearly in support of the Police and expressed gratitude for our hard work and activity, thank you, your comments are much appreciated.

“To those of you who have reiterated that the majority of people living and working in Skelmersdale are hardworking, law abiding, good hearted people with good moral and social values – I know and agree and echo those comments.”

Insp Shorrock said she had been brought up in Skelmersdale and attended school in the town.

She added: “I have worked a large majority of my working life at Skelmersdale, both in and out of the police service and I am still here.

“To those of you who have realised that the minority of individuals who choose to involve themselves in criminality are spoiling things for the majority and that’s why residents need to work together with the police to resolve the issues, again I agree. The police and residents of Skelmersdale are a massive army who far outweigh the minority involved in criminality and disorder – together we can make a significant difference.

“We need your community intelligence to further drive our activity to target those responsible and make Skelmersdale a better place to live and work. We need people to report it when they smell drugs on their streets and don’t assume we are aware.

“To those of you who are living near to those who are  storing off-road bikes in their premises or riding them around the streets causing annoyance – we need you to ring in and tell us, as keeping these bikes in residential premises is an outright breach of tenancy and those responsible run the risk of eviction.

“You can continue to assist us and provide that information to either local police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, if you wish to remain anonymous – together we can make a difference.”

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