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Skelmersdale Police tackle yobs and drug dealers

Operation Nemesis launched for the summer

Skelmersdale Police are cracking down on people who ride motorbikes on pavements

Skelmersdale Police are planning to wage an all out war on crime this summer under Operation Nemesis.

In an effort to tackle resident’s concerns about anti-social behaviour and drug dealing, the force has set up an operation to specifically deal with these issues.

Operation Nemesis has four strands: pursue, prevent, protect and prepare.

The operation was announced in the same week that a woman was threatened and robbed of her handbag in the middle of the day.

The attack happened last Thursday at 1pm at Beechtrees when a 54-year-old woman was attacked from behind by a man in his late 30s who grabbed her throat before running off with her handbag.

Detective Inspector Warren Atkinson, said: “We have listened to concerns about groups of youths making people feel uncomfortable as well as some of them riding about on public paths on motorbikes. We have also been targeting people who we believe to be involved in selling drugs.

“Skelmersdale is part of South Division and the division has set up an operation to deal with anti-social behaviour, as well as the violence that comes hand in hand with drug dealing.

“Operation Nemesis will be running for the foreseeable future. The operation is supported by officers from all departments including immediate response officers, armed response officers, dogs, operational support units, along with road policing officers.

“As part of the operation we will be arresting those involved in criminality and striving to remand them in custody where possible.

“We’ll also be deploying extra police patrols to prevent crime from happening.

“We are being supported by West Lancashire Council, as well as other agencies, and we have specialist officers who will look to use civil and legal orders to protect neighbourhoods by restricting criminals’ movement and behaviour.

“We also want to be ahead of the game. This involves early intervention and diverting youths away from gangs, crime and anti-social behaviour.

“We have a website which has been built and designed with the help of young people from across the county with lots of useful information in relation to alcohol and anti-social behaviour. The website is and is aimed at young people between the ages of 11-16. There are also links for parents, carers and teachers, so please have a look and let us know what you think.

“During the past few days, we have seized another motorbike, more than 35 kilos of amphetamine and made numerous arrests.

“Please keep your information coming. You can speak to officers, ring 101 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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