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St Bede's teachers praised after helping car crash victims

Accident happened on Holborn Hill last Thursday

Holborn Hill at Ormskirk

Teachers have been praised after they rushed to the aid of several people involved in a crash on Holborn Hill next to St Bede’s RC high school. 

Emergency services were called to the scene at 11:50am last Thursday after a crash between three cars.

The crash involved a BMW, a Kia and a Peugeot.

Police turned vehicles away from Holborn Hill in Ormskirk between the junction with Long Lane and the schools roundabout, causing traffic chaos for several hours.

The road was finally reopened just after 3pm.

Shocked PE students at the school witnessed the crash and teachers ran to the scene.

A student at the school described how there was a loud bang causing everyone to turn around, before the PE teachers sprinted towards the accident.

They said: “We had to end the lesson early, a lot of us are still trying to get over it, a few people were sent home because they were so upset by it.”

When the fire service arrived they found a 26-year-old woman in a car trapped by the dashboard with multiple injuries. She was pinned to the dashboard by both knees and suffered a shoulder injury and a chest injury.

She was removed from the car by on longboard and  taken to Fazakerley hospital.

Another woman was also involved in the crash, according to the fire service she removed herself from the car and went to the side of the road where she was treated for her injuries, she was then also taken to Fazakerley hospital.

A spokesperson for St Bede’s said: “Three of our teachers were involved in trying to support the crash victims. The crash caused chaos and there was lots happening at the time. I know some of the teachers have been affected by what they saw but we are very proud of their efforts to help those involved.”

Two fire engines from Ormskirk fire station attended the scene and two ambulances were also deployed.  

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