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Traveller sites planned for West Lancashire

Locations in Banks, Scarisbrick and Skelmersdale have all been proposed as preferred options

Proposed site for travellers on White Moss Road South, Skelmersdale
Proposed site for travellers on White Moss Road South, Skelmersdale

Locations for traveller sites in West Lancashire have been unveiled in a document due to go out to public consultation next month.

Under the new Local Plan the council is obliged to provide a five-year supply of land to meet traveller accommodation needs.

To meet these accommodation needs West Lancashire Borough Council has identified that it needs to provide 14 permanent pitches by 2018, rising to 20 pitches by 2028, four transit pitches and one yard for travelling show people, in addition to the existing traveller sites in the borough.

The council started work on identifying sites last year and as a result discovered 20 potential traveller sites in Aughton, Banks, Bickerstaffe, Burscough, Mere Brow, Ormskirk, Scarisbrick and Skelmersdale.

Of these 20 sites three have been proposed as preferred options: Sugar Stubbs Lane in Banks, Pool Hey Caravan park in Scarisbrick and White Moss Road South in Skelmersdale.

The site at Banks is currently owned by travellers and there is expected they’ll be a maximum of six caravans on the site, with no need for further expansion.

Pool Hey caravan park is also an existing traveller site and 12 more caravans are expected to be accommodated, with no further site expansion required.

Both sites have no records of any issues with the residents living nearby, since they have occupied the site.

The White Moss site at Skelmersdale is also owned by travellers and is separated from the town by the M58. It’s expected that 22 extra caravans would be housed on this site.

The council have also suggested this site could be used for transit pitches as well as permanent, but recognise that this could lead to potential difficulties and disputes between the two groups, however they state that such a combination is not out of the question.

In terms of travelling show people a need was identified in the Burscough area.

Two sites, both opposite Burscough industrial site, were selected as preferred options: Ringtail road/Plantation road and land west of Tollgate road. The owner of the Ringtail Road site submitted the site during the council’s call for sites exercise, but although in planning terms the Tollgate Road site is the preferred option the council have been unable to contact its owner.

The consultation begins on April 17 and runs until May 30.

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