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Veteran Whitemoss campaigner celebrates 93rd birthday in style

Charlie Denton still took part in May Day landfill protests

Charlie Denton celebrates his birthday

An environmental campaigner, who is the oldest person to take part in the Whitemoss campaign, has celebrated his birthday with family and friends.

Charlie Denton turned 93 last week and marked his day with a party last weekend at his home at the Thanet retirement community in Skelmersdale.

Mr Denton was born in London, though moved to Teesside soon after and took part in the Second World War where he was posted as a tank driver.

On his return to Britain Mr Denton worked for the Skelmersdale Development Corporation during the 1970s, where he was involved in listing buildings of architectural worth. After his retirement he campaigned for pensioners’ rights, setting up the ‘Super Skelmersdale & Up Holland Pensioners Association’.

Mr Denton has been very involved in campaigning against the proposed plans to extend the Whitemoss landfill. He took part in the May Day march in protest of the proposed expansion with his daughter and carer, Stella – despite being wheelchair bound.

Stella said: “He and my mother have been community orientated all their lives and have campaigned together for a number of years on a variety of different issues.

“My dad moved to Skelmersdale about 45 years ago and has been here ever since.

“My mother Marjorie passed away in 2009 and she kept my dad going, they did everything together but this latest campaign has really got him fired up again.

“He’s always been interested in the environment. He supports Greenpeace and is for the use of more organic energy sources.”

Stella is also firmly against the plans to increase the site to four times its current size.

 She said: “I don’t want the landfill site in Skelmersdale, I have two children and hopefully one day I’ll have grandchildren and I don’t want them growing up in a community full of hazardous waste and pollution, I want them to be healthy.”

The nonagenarian celebrated his birthday surrounded by the majority of his family, including his eight children Ruth, Pam, Paul, Stella, Keith, Jane, Peter, Helen, twenty-two grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Charlie’s one remaining brother Ralph, ten years his junior, also joined in the festivities.

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