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Walkers protest against Whitemoss extension

Responses from the consultation published by the planning inspectorate

Responses to the consultation on the proposed Whitemoss landfill extension have been published, with several high profile businesses submitting their objections.

The landfill expansion plans would increase the input rate to 150,000 tonnes of waste a year.

During the consultation 3,300 people registered their objections with the national planning inspectorate.

Walkers snack foods, which has a factory on the Pimbo estate and is part of the global PepsiCo company, submitted this response:   “We have been made aware of the proposals to extend the waste management site at Whitemoss, and wish to share concerns about the extension of the site and inclusion of hazardous waste.

“As a food manufacturer we have inevitable concerns about potential risk of environmental contamination caused by waste at the site, notably of local water supplies used in the Walkers production facility, and would seek to work closely with relevant environmental authorities to fully assess this risk.

“As a committed member of the local community in which we operate, we have been made aware of the opposition to the proposals by local campaigners and share their view that the extension of this facility would be unwelcome for environmental and health reasons in Skelmersdale.

 “The wellbeing of our neighbours, staff and customers purchasing products manufactured on our site is our top priority, and we therefore are supportive of all efforts to preserve the local environment.

“Additionally, as a global champion of environmental sustainability, PepsiCo is committed to reducing landfill and developing renewable materials. As such, PepsiCo is opposed to the extension of landfill sites, calling on manufacturers and other companies such as ours to reduce rather than increase waste of all kinds being sent to landfill.”

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