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West Lancashire Slimming Experts win 'Diamond award'!


Members of West Lancs Slimming World

A TEAM of weight-loss expert from West Lancashire have won a brilliant award for their exceptional work they do in helping more than 1,000 people in the area to lose weight every week.

The team of six Slimming World Consultants who run 13 groups across the area were given the Diamond award by the national slimming club, for welcoming more new members than many of the other 450 teams in the company.

Tina Whewell, Slimming World Team Developer says: “We were delighted to achieve such a sought after award, but the icing on the cake has to be because of our success in supporting local slimmers to reach their dream weights, improve their health and change their lives, the team has become number one on our national league for the amount of members we are helping in each group on a weekly basis. This accolade reflects the Slimming World teams who successfully build vibrant and dynamic groups and when the service they provide is so good that members keep coming week after week because they’re losing weight beautifully and wouldn’t miss their weekly group for anything.”

Tina adds: “We are delighted to have received the award on behalf of the groups. We feel passionately about helping people to transform their lives by losing weight in the same way that we did when we lost our weight with Slimming World. Losing weight made us feel happier and healthier and gave us so much more confidence. We became Consultants because we wanted to share that feeling and help other people to achieve the same success we had ourselves. Seeing the members in our groups - mums, dads, grandmas and young people too - reach their target weight is so rewarding.

This award belongs to all the group’s 1,000 plus members. They’re the ones who make the West Lancs team the success that it is with their fabulous commitment, the wonderful support they give each other every week and, obviously, their impressive weight losses while following Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan.

The groups have really put healthy weight loss on the map. Obesity is at record levels everywhere and with over 50 per cent of adults in the UK being affected, lots of people here are suffering a range of weight-related health problems from diabetes to heart problems and feelings of low self-worth that impact on their working and personal lives every day. So anything that helps people to lose weight by adopting healthy eating habits and becoming more active is making a difference, both to themselves and future generations of children, too”.

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