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Whitemoss campaigners take their fight to Westminster

The petition asks the Environment Secretary to investigate the landfill site

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Whitemoss protesters are hoping their petition will have an impact at Westminster

Whitemoss campaigners are taking their fight to Westminster as they petition the Environment secretary about the proposed landfill expansion.

The petition asks for Mr Paterson to investigate the landfill site as protesters believe it has a significant and detrimental impact on the community and area.

The proposed expansion would increase the size of the site by 12.7 hectares with an input rate of 150,000 tonnes of waste a year for a further 22 years, until 2035.

The deadline for objections to be submitted against the extension was last month, with a record-breaking 3,300 people registering their objections with the national planning inspectorate during the consultation.

Now protesters are hoping their petition, which currently stands at 1,800 signatures will have an impact on the Government minister.

Chelsea Gibson said: “We really need people to sign and share this petition to reject the toxic/hazardous landfill extension on White Moss Skelmersdale.

“We need 100,000 signatures for the government to debate it, so we need everyone possible to sign it.

“Please share our concerns to stop the toxic landfill being built and protect our homes, our families and our town.”

The Keep Skem Green campaign has also gained momentum this week as families have taken to the streets and tied green ribbons around trees and lampposts all around the town to raise awareness of the planned extension.

Skelmersdale County Councillors, Terry Aldridge, John Fillis and Julie Gibson have also joined the local community in objecting to the proposals. They said: “We have written to the Secretary of State to listen to the people of Skelmersdale and not to make the area the “dustbin” of the North West.”

Rob Routledge, Managing Director of Whitemoss said: “All councillors were notified of our plans and given an opportunity to comment. I note their comments and look forward to presenting our fact-based case to the planning inspectorate in due course.”

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