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Whitemoss objections published by planning inspectorate

Campaigners vow to fight on against plans that would see landfill increase to four times the size

Whitemoss Landfill site

Schools’ and businesses’ objections to the Whitemoss landfill extension plans have been published by the planning inspectorate.

If successful the landfill would increase to four times the size with the input rate increased to  150,000 tonnes of waste a year.

Wrights Accountants’ objection states: “The site as it stands at the current time creates an awful stench which wafts around Skelmersdale. We run our accountancy business from Westgate which is literally at the other side of the motorway from the landfill site. I cannot imagine the stench which will be created if the site is to be enlarged by more than five times its current size.

“The health issues noted in the appendixes I document are horrifying and I do not want a toxic waste site in my town due to unpleasant smells, and the risks of leakages.”

WLK Angling are another organisation that are against the plans. Its’ submission states: “We are opposed to the extension of the landfill site. The fishing lakes that we use frequently will be only metres away from the site. The lakes and the surroundings are superb. It is a very tranquil area which has an abundance of wildlife. At dusk in the summer there are lots of bats.  It is a great place to take my eight-year-old nephew when I am not fishing.

“We are extremely concerned that such close proximity to the hazardous waste will contaminate the area and kill the wildlife and if it doesn’t then the noise will drive the wildlife away.”

Little Digmoor Primary School is also opposed to the plans. Its’ submission states: “As a governing body, we feel the need to write to you to show our opposition to the extension of the Whitemoss Landfill site. As you are already aware of the potential dangers and have already put in place a ‘clean up’ plan for any leakages into the surrounding environment, we are concerned for the welfare of residents especially the children.

“We are concerned about the health implications this will have and wonder what you consider to be an ‘acceptable impact on human health’.”

However, not all businesses are opposed to the plans and Biffa Waste Services Limited submitted its support.  It stated: “I have dealt with Whitemoss Landfill over a number of years and find them a professional and well managed organisation. They provide a valuable service for the disposal of materials that cannot be handled or recovered in an alternative manner.”

Rob Routledge, managing director of Whitemoss Landfill Ltd, said: “As part of the pre-consultation process, we wrote to a number of businesses, schools and community organisations to make them aware of our proposals.

“A number of businesses and individuals have actually written in to support our plans. They include long-standing local residents, who have rightly criticised the scare tactics employed by some of the opponents to our scheme. Businesses are also backing us.”

Campaigners were outside ASDA all weekend handing out leaflets and providing information to shoppers.

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