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Whitemoss protest wins support boost from USA

Poem about campaign appears on huge poster

Whitemoss protesters outside the site

The American pen friend of a Skelmersdale Whitemoss protestor has provided a huge boost to the campaign against the expansion.

The Skelmersdale resident penned a poem about the threat to Skelmersdale from the Landfill and sent her American penpal a copy of the verse.

Much to her surprise a few weeks later she received a large poster in the post with the poem written onto it, which the campaign team now plan display at the public hearings, which will happen later this month.

The penpal, who is of Native American origin and lives in the North Eastern United States, cares deeply for the natural world and is very much against its destruction for the “corporate dollar”.

The author of the poem, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was deeply moved by her penfriend’s gesture. “My panpal is a wonderful caring person and even though she is thousands of miles away she wanted to support our cause.

“She has spent a great deal of money getting the poem printed out and sent over and I am extremely grateful to her, as are all the campaigners against the Whitemoss waste tip.”

The second stage of the examination has now ended, with a huge number of detailed submissions objecting to the extension sent in to the Inspectorate.

The next stage is a series of public meetings which will take place in July.

Members of the public who would like to have a voice in the proceedings are urged to come along to the meetings.

Campaigners await final confirmation of dates and times of the open floor hearings but these are scheduled to take place at Whitemoss Business Park Skelmersdale on July 16 and at Birleywood on July 17 and 18.

If people wish to speak they are urged to come along and register even if they have not told the inspectorate they will be coming, as there is a good chance people will be allowed to speak.

There will also be issue- specific hearings on policy and need and the environment at Whitemoss Business Park on July 16 and 17 which the public are also invited to attend, although they will not be allowed to speak unless invited.

Campaigners are hoping for a good public turnout to show the strength of feeling against the plans.

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