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Whitemoss protestors speak against landfill at open floor hearings

31 residents spoke against plans to expand the site

More than 1,000 residents marched from the Concourse to near the site where Whitemoss Landfill plans to expand in Skelmersdale Photo by James Maloney

Protestors continued their fight against Whitemoss Landfill last week as the open floor hearings were held.

A total of 31 local people spoke against the proposal to expand Whitemoss Landfill site at the Digmoor Community Centre on July 17 and 18.

West Lancs Borough councillors Nicola Pryce-Roberts and Neil Pye spoke about the negative effects the tip expansion would have on the town and told Inspector Wendy Burden about the concerns expressed to them by the residents of their wards.

West Lancs Borough councillor Terry Devine and Lancs County councillor Terry Aldridge also attended the hearings.

Other speakers included representatives of Lathom South and Dalton Parish councils and of the Council for the Protection of Rural England, representatives of the Junior Football League, the Liverpool Road Allotment Society, and the Facebook group campaigning against the proposed expansion.

A doctor, health worker and business owners also spoke at the hearings.

Topics included the impacts on regeneration, business, public health, groundwater, the environment and the lack of need for more waste landfill.

Claire Robinson, press officer for Arrow – No Whitemoss Landfill, said: “Several speakers said they feel let down by a planning system that has allowed the operating period of Whitemoss Landfill site to be extended time and time again.

“They pointed out that should this extension be granted, some residents would spend their whole lifetime affected by the site.

“Some people who attended the first hearing were so moved by hearing people’s evidence that they came back the next day with detailed statements of their own.”

“It’s clear that however much written evidence we submit, there is no substitute for turning up to a hearing in person and telling your story.

“Inspector Wendy Burden made clear that if we want another open floor hearing in October, we have to request it – otherwise it won’t happen.

“It’s important that as many people as possible write by July 25 to the Planning Inspectorate and say they intend to speak at the open floor hearing in October. You can do this even if you haven’t registered previously as an objector.”

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