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Test debut for the man who knows the score

Chris Rimmer called up for international duty

Ormskirk Cricket Club - Chris Rimmer

Chris Rimmer, the Ormskirk Cricket Club scorer, was missing from the First XI squad for the match last Saturday for a very good reason.

He was on international duty at Old Trafford as scorer for the England v India Test Match.

Since being scorer at Brook Lane over the past 10 years Chris has grown in reputation and stature, progressing to be recognised as an English Cricket Board Level 3 Scorer, one of only four scorers in the whole of Lancashire to reach such dizzy heights.

His appointment to score the test match is not only a personal honour but indeed also an honour to the Ormskirk Club.

Before turning his interest in cricket to scoring he had been influential at his home club Sutton CC as a player and as a coach.

Such was the influence he had on his club he is now its Honorary President.

The positive influence he had at Sutton transferred itself down the East Lancashire Road 10 years ago when he accepted an invitation to become Ormskirk’s first team scorer.

His accuracy in recording the statistics of matches is only part of the story.

He is always on hand to offer sound advice on all cricketing matters to the OCC skipper Ian Robinson.

He said: “Chris offers me such wise counsel on the many difficult decisions I have to make relating to games played in the course of a season I am the envy of all other captains in the Competition.

“I am so pleased that he has been granted the high accolade of being invited to score a Test Match.

“It is thoroughly deserved and I am so proud to have him on board as an integral part of our cricket club.”

Chris’s expertise and efficiency is a major factor in Ormskirk being the only club in the league to use a public address system to relay information to spectators.

John Hesketh, the man behind the microphone at every first team home game, freely admits that without the quick and accurate stream of information his job would be extremely challenging.

He reflected: “Without Chris the job would be more than challenging it would be virtually impossible.

“Within 30 seconds on a player reaching such a milestone as scoring a century I am able to relay to spectators how many balls he has faced, the length of his innings and the number of 4s and 6 he has hit on his way to his hundred runs. The same applies to bowling figures.

“In the frenzy of T20 cricket the information he passes to me is so quick it is quite remarkable.”

A quiet unassuming man, Chris takes all in his stride and while he proudly accepts his international duties he is very quick point out that he enjoys scoring as much for Ormskirk now as he did when he arrived 10 years ago.

“I enjoy everything about OCC and the day I stop scoring for the club will be the day I stop scoring.”

Skipper Robinson echoed everyone’s thoughts: “I hope that such a day is a very long way off.”

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