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North Meols pick up the tab

Bushido grading at Banks

Students and instructors from Nippon UK Bushido class

Students from the Nippon UK Bushido (martial arts weapons) class at Banks recently achieved grades from 1st tab up to 7th tab.

Following the completion of the grading session, archery coaches Jeff and Chris Beattie (father and son) from North Meols Archers (also based at Banks LC) gave the students tuition in use of the long bow and re-curve bow.

Nippon UK do Ju-Jitsu between 6pm and 7pm and Bushido between 7pm and 8pm every Friday at Banks.

North Meols Archers shoot every Sunday between 12 noon and 3pm at Banks from October - March, the rest of the year they shoot outdoor on the field at Aveling Drive Banks on a Sunday.

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